Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Enough to build it again?

 It was a workshop where we should learn how to "solve problems"...But! Actually i learned how to see life from a different angle.

He gave us sticks & a gum
He said :"create a castle"
We were a group of 6
We built a triangle castle & it fell once we finished...
They gave up!
We failed
- how many times left?
- few!
- enough to build it again?
- maybe
i started building it again, but this time i changed the shape of the castle to a square

i realized something,,
Changing your words! Change your world
Problem to challenge
Fail to another chance

Imagine how many things could be a glowery! something count in your "time experience" as an achievement! But you choose to stick with "regular human beings thoughts" yet you could choose your own definition!!

 I built my own castle in less than the time it took to possibly make it & i won.

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