Friday, November 4, 2016

iF You Are 60

Tomorrow you going to realize that Yesterday you were young enough to do what you wanted to do!!
& YES Today! NOW.. while you are reading this !!!
YOU are still young, even if you are 60

For sure you know by now that in the end we all going to die! or transfer to another life... hmm maybe finally waking up from a dream,, wow! imagine.. well i love my dream.

It's never about what you don't "believe in"
it's always about what you believe in.. 
No matter what your parents, family, community, society, culture..etc tried to make you believe.

It's all about the fact that all what's around you now!! going to vanish eventually,
YES! we will..

NOW the Q is
What is the point of NOT doing what you love/want/desire!! just for the sake for something won't last "with you" till the end!! You know what really worth holding on? IS WHAT YOU LOVE, & those who you would love to have them till death do you apart.

It's NEVER about them,
It's always about YOU
That why we are exist here
to L I V E

Are you sure from the "Another Life" ?
Do you know if you going to be "Human" in your next life?
maybe a cat ! which can't dance, love, run under the rain,,
maybe a tree which going to be someone's fire for a romantic date..

This time,
In this moment
do it right..
&amp LIVE
as long as you have the chance to.

Well, You may not get tomorrow...

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