Sunday, November 6, 2016

They forgot angels,,,

نسوا أن يقولون لنا إن الملائكة اللي حولنا أكثر من الشياطين,,
لين نسينا إن فيه ملائكة

نسوا يقولون لنا فيه جنة عالأرض,, لين نسينا نعيش 
وصرنا ننطر الموت.. علشان نبدي نعيش.

We always wait for the "unknown"... 
when we already have it & it's well known.

chose "myself" long time ago, i chose beauty and i found my goal in this "time experience"
i was sitting there next to the wide window, looking at the sky... and the color blue, i was looking at the birds, the way they are dancing around and around, and the wind flirting...the flowers feeling shy...i was looking at that guy cross the road, smiling.. i smiled back and i hold on this moment, a prayer just came true.

Deep breathe, with full heart i'm alive again...
i closed my eyes, God i sense you..
touching my cheek with your love
nothing really matter, just the feeling of satisfaction..
i became a close friend to my pain, sadness & the blue feelings, we start dancing around,, yes i love you.. as much as this moment, and i decided to let go,,
you are free to leave, i just understood.. and i'm ready to be me, to live..

i started living when i believed in myself, i'm me more than them,,
They forgot,, and i remembered me,,,
i looked at the mirror to watch me dancingb, smiling...flying. i'm me.. i found me.. this is why i'm here,,,
to L I V E

They forget to tell us that God is more than words written once,, more than actions we have to take..
they forgot,,
and a prayer came true..
i remembered..

we don't have to,, we know, we feel..
we just need to set ourselves free..
we need to close our eyes & open our heart to the sky...
i was waiting for this life, this life to finish to meet God,
to cry & to tell him how people are mean & how they can't understand love...
i was waiting,,
to see him, hug him, & tell him i love you but i hate living.

Till i realize, that he's in me within me with me,,
he listen & he is answering at the same time
he is the love and he is the beauty,,
he is everything magical in this universe

And he loves me as i am,
the way i am,,
no matter what...
he accepts me & i'm everything..
he holds me, watching over me.. no matter what,,
we are in heaven,,
we have what we want,
& we can do what ever we want...
but we forget how!
we forget that we are born free..
to choose & to live...

We forget that we have angels around us to support us,,
they told us about demons, punishment, pain...
and they forget, angels...

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