Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I’m lost without me knowing...,

Light jeans with a dark beige short jacket, black classic shoes, Some golden rings & Chanel brooch the golden with pearl one, dark red lipstick, eyeliner, brown shadow.No bag… No phone, no camera!
Front square table, big glass on sides, more side tables with double chairs, grey furniture, black outfit workers. Very, very crowd place, the music barely can be heard.

I found myself here, alone in this table, staring at the outside view, which was a side of a mall! It didn't look familiar, I never been here, though it's a very nice place… hmm. I decided to stand up and look around.., this crowd, laughing, talking, smiling & me, but still didn't know what I’m doing here, I think I’m lost without me knowing. I kept looking for someone! Something familiar,

But I found myself AWAKE! Oow! It wasn't real, it's Monday morning, exactly 05:30 AM, and it’s time to go work!...

Is it normal to have a dream about a place you never been before?

I believe in dreams, big time... Specially those who "FEELS" real, in addition, I look for their meanings..! Well, sometime just for fun... Or not!

So I decided to visit that place..., 
YES it's actually exist in real, it called "C A F cafe", in Crystal mall…Funny, right?

DAMN, it's real..,!
Can you believe this? Well.. It’s real

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